One-On-one Private sessions 










If you've suffered from an injury or experience a chronic condition that affects your movement, I offer personalized programs tailored to your concerns.

Injury + Movement Rehabilitation  

Post-Natal recovery

Pre-Natal Pilates

Diastasis recovery

Athletic conditioning

Better results from group classes

Personal sessions take place in En Pointe's  private studio. If  you are looking to achieve fitness goals, compliment your existing fitness regime, recover from an injury/surgery or attain more functional movement, private sessions are tailored to help you reach the goal(s) you're striving for! Private sessions utilize the Pilates Reformer and various other pieces of equipment  to give you a great workout you will love!   Although En Pointe keeps class sizes reasonable, one on one sessions allow you to get the personal attention that can't be given in classes.
Have a friend you want to hit the mat or the barre with and can't make it to a class?!  Book a semi-private session and jam together with extra attention.
 When you move well, everything else can fall in place!

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference,  in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, in 30 sessions you'll have a new body."~ Joseph Pilates

private Session Rates

(Private sessions are 60 mins in length)

Initial Assessment  Session - $65

Single Private Session - $75

Private Session Packages
8 Private Session Package - $520
10 Private Session Package - $600
20 Private Session Package - $1160

Don't want to do it alone? Bring in a partner for a Duet session!

Duet Mat Sessions

Single Duet Session - $85

Duet Session Packages
4 Duet Session Package - $320
8 Duet Session Package - $600

Out of studio private sessions are available upon request however will be subject to additional fees to reflect travel time and expenses.