Stephanie Vigers


Certified Pilates Instructor  Advanced Mat & Reformer  Training
Body Harmonics

Diploma, Dance Performance Studies
George Brown College

National Ballet School of Canada
Training Intensives

Toronto Dance Theatre
Training Intensives

Broadway Dance Centre
Training Intensives



"I like movement but I don't like talking about myself. "

Stephanie began dancing when she was three and haven't stopped moving since. Her body and soul feel the best when she is  dancing and she's  excited to share that with my you! Stephanie has a vested interest in teaching her clients to move in the most optimal patterns possible in order for them to get the best out of everything they do.  Be it rehabing and old or new injury, creating better posture, athletic cross training/conditioning  or pre and post-natal fitness and rehabilitation  My mission is to help my clients feel  strong and powerful by teaching them the principles  movement and proper bio-mechanics so they feel AMAZING!

The physical and mental benefits of Pilates are unquestionable. As soon as she started practicing Pilates regularly, her body became stronger, more stable, and my injuries disappeared.

Stephanie trains constantly because the more she learns the more she can challenge her own body the more she can challenge yours!

Interested in feeling great?
Meet Stephanie at the barre and she'll  see you on the mat!


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